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A Dinking we will go!
Outdoor Play
Adams Elementary School
scheduling through this website is  disabled.  Site is for pickleball info only at this time.  
Due to Covid-19 Pandemic


Our Goal

To provide information about the game of Pickleball and where to play near Corvallis, Oregon.  For potential players, beginners or all skill levels either local or for those visiting the area.

Indoor Pickleball at Timberhill Athletic Club
Indoor Play
Timberhill Athletic Club
  Click here for website 
Places to Play

Outdoor Pickleball

Scheduling closed due to pandemic.  Please Stay Safe
Near Adams School, Corvallis
Doodle Board Sign-up Not Available
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All players who would like to play outdoors and looking for local singles or doubles, please select one of the two links to DOODLE Calendar in the middle part of this page above.  Add your name if it is not already there and choose a day of the week and time slot. 

     NOTE: If Weather is bad, most players in our area go to Timberhill Athletic Club or G3 to play.

Check Weather forecast - Click here

G3 Sports & Fitness
Pickleball: Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 2:00pm. 
Other Pickleball Websites
For more info or other places to play, such as Bend, Eugene.. etc
 Click here  
Albany Pickleball Club
 Click here for website 
Simone's quick tip "Ready Position" on the Pickleball Paddle
Just click on the following
to watch:
Quick tips on paddle ready position
Outdoor Pickleball Status
Outdoor play at the Corvallis Outdoor Pickleball Courts near Adams School, 35th Street,  Corvallis, Oregon is weather dependent.
Please remain safe by practicing social distancing, wear masks to protect other people in case you are infected or possibly asymptomatic. 

Please be safe!


Ten Tips on Strategy

Pickleball Instructional Video

Strategy 301: Six Rules of the Fast game

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